An importance value for temporal logics

Aus International Center for Computational Logic
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An importance value for temporal logics

Vortrag von Simon Jantsch
We give a brief account of the Shapley value, which is a powerful and elegant formalism aimed at distributing a surplus achieved jointly by a group of agents to the individual members.

It was first studied in theoretical economics, but has since influenced many domains. Using this concept, we derive a notion of importance of states in a system with respect to satisfying a given temporal logic specification. The aim is to measure how much the nondeterministic choices of a state influence the capacity of the system as a whole to satisfy the specification. We will mainly consider linear temporal logic, for which we study the exact complexity of determining the importance value. Finally, we discuss how the formalism can be applied to computation tree logic and what additional challenges that brings.

This talk will have a duration of approximately 30 minutes and takes place online via BigBlueButton. To access the room, take one of the following links:

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