Adventures in Computer Science -- Grades 1 & 2

From International Center for Computational Logic

Adventures in Computer Science -- Grades 1 & 2

Talk by Stephan Mennicke
Have you sorted you toys at home by color or by size? Have you

ever looked for this one particular pencil? Have you asked yourself, why did this search take so long or how can it be faster? The "World of Algorithms" (German: Die Welt der Algorithmen) provides some useful tools for you to achieve your goals as quick as possible. This includes problems that never crossed your minds before. We are going to look at certain problems and their (algorithmic) solutions. It is our goal the learn about the strategies leading to the solutions. We are also facing problems that are so hard to solve for which a quick solutions is out of reach, even for a modern computer.

This is a translation of the advertisement I provided for pupils at the 39th Primary School here at Dresden for a so-called "Ganztagsangebot" (GTA for short) which is basically a 1 hour/week course institutionalized as afternoon activity. My target group has been children at the level of 1st and 2nd grade (ages 6 to 8). In this talk, I will briefly explain what I planned to do, what I did and what I'm planning to do in this GTA. I will mainly elaborate on the experiences I gathered in teaching 6-8 year-olds over the course of this school year.

The talk will take place in a hybrid fashion, physically in the APB room 3027, and online through the link: