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Research Groups


Automata Theory

Franz Baader

Computational Logic

Sebastian Rudolph
The Computational Logic (CL) group at the Computer Science department of the Technische Universität Dresden is focusing on modeling and reasoning aspects of logic-based knowledge representation, including expressivity, decidability, and complexi… read on

Verification and formal quantitative Analysis

Christel Baier
The research of the Verification and formal quantitative Analysis group mainly focuses on modeling, specification and verification of reactive systems as well as quantitative analysis of stochastic systems and probabilistic model checking. Other… read on
Knowledge-Based Systems 2017-11-07.jpg

Knowledge-Based Systems

Markus Krötzsch
The research group Knowledge-Based Systems is concerned with methods for the intelligent management and processing of information in computer systems. This includes research questions from knowledge representation, reasoning and formal logic, bu… read on

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

Steffen Hölldobler
The Knowledge Representation and Reasoning group has two major parts: human reasoning and solving the satisfiability testing and related decision and discrete optimization problems. In both areas we focus on research, and on the other hand teach… read on