General Course Program

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General Course Program

Course Structure and Syllabus from October 2017

The International MSc Program in Computational Logic is based on

Courses are distributed over three semesters. They amount to a total of 90 ECTS credit points. In addition, 30 ECTS credit points are assigned to the master's thesis and its defense in the fourth semester. This results in a two-year program of 120 ECTS credit points.

For Students starting in October 2017 or later

Basic Modules        
Foundations 8 - - -
Logic and Contstraint Programming 8 - - -
Advanced Logics - 8 - -
Integrated Logic Systems - 8 - -
Presentation and Communication Skills - 10 - -
Project - - 12 -
Selected Advanced Modules 12 12 12 -
MSc thesis - - - 30
Sum 28 38 24 30
Maximum number of credit points 120

The student is going to focus on individual topics by selecting a set of advanced modules.

In the final master thesis, the candidate should demonstrate his capability to solve independently a problem in Computational Logic or its applications using scientific methods. The course must be completed by the Master's examination. The Master's examination consists of two parts: the written or oral module examinations and the MSc thesis together with its defense.