Timetable in Summer Term 2017

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Timetable in Summer Term 2017

This section contains useful information for students who enrolled in 2016 or before, only. Students who will enroll in 2017 or later are referred to the website of the faculty.

Please note that this timetable is still liable to change.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
DS 1:
FCDS (t)
DS 2:
FSWT (t)
FCDS (t)
SSAA (l) FSWT (l) AL (l)
CBSE (l)
AL (t)
DS 3:
TCS (s) SSAA (l)
SCII (l)
WSN (l)
FSWT (l) AL (l) SSTLV (s)
DS 4:
PME (l/t/s) PGMC (t) LM (s) SS (l)
WSN (t)
PSS (l)
DS 5:
Open House
PSS (t) FDL (t) SCII (t)
IWA (l)
SS (l/t)
CBSE (t)
DS 6:
KRR (s) FDL (t) DS (l/t) IWA (l)
DS 7:

Location: In general, the classes are held in APB E005.
The KRR-seminar will be held in APB 2026 from May.
Information on the CSE-module courses can be found on the faculty web page.
For the SSAA course you may contact Prof. Schroeder.



AL Advanced Logics (Baier)
CBSE Component-Based Software Engineering (Assmann/Götz)
DS Deduction Systems (Rudolph)
FCDS Foundations of Concurrent and Distributed Systems (Fetzer)
FDL Fuzzy Description Logic (Turhan)
FSWT Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies (Rudolph)
IWA Internet & Web Applications (Schill)
KRR Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (Hölldobler)
LCMAV Lab Course Modeling and Automated Verification (Baier)
LM Logical Modeling (Rudolph)
PGMC Project Group (Baier)
PGTCS Project Group Theoretical Computer Science (Turhan)
PSS Problem Solving and Search in AI (Gaggl)
PME Programming Machine Ethics (Hölldobler)
SCII Security & Cryptography (Köpsell)
SS SAT Solving (Hölldobler)
SSTLV Seminar Selected Topics in Logics and Verification (Baier)
SSAA Semantic Search: Algorithms and Applications (Schroeder)
TCS Theoretical Computer Science (Turhan)
WSN Wireless Sensor Networks (Dargie)
l, t, s
Lecture, tutorial and seminar, respectively

Other Events

GK Talks within the DFG Research Training Group
Open House Students and lecturers meet for open discussions
Projects Students are invited to contact the supervisor of their project to arrange meetings

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