New adf_bdd library release!

From International Center for Computational Logic
News of April 21, 2022

New adf_bdd library release!

adf_bdd (Abstract Dialectical Frameworks solved by Binary Decision Diagrams) is a Rust library that solves grounded, complete, and stable ADF-semantics by using Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams (OBDD).

Among its features, this library

  • represents the ADF as a set of BDDs
  • offers fast relational operations on the BDD
  • allows to rollback changes on the BDD
  • exploits ADF properties (e.g. common signature of the formulae)
  • provides caching of important preliminary computation results
  • computes the fix-points of the three-valued interpretations of ADFs to enumerate the different semantics

The current Beta-release (0.2.4) is publicly available at, and github. A binary can be downloaded here. Finally, the project documentation is at