Financial support of the participation in conferences

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Financial support of the participation in conferences

Students who will present a paper at a conference may apply for a financial support (amounting to max. 60 % of the cost calculation) to the CL secretary. Following information/documents must be provided:

  • the draft of the paper as pdf.file (Note: the paper must contain the remark: "The author was supported by the International MSc Program in Computational Logic (MCL)" in the context of the acknowledgements or as footnote),
  • the link of the conference homepage,
  • cost calculation (students' social fee, accommodation costs, travel costs etc.).

If the application has been accepted, the following documents must be sent to the CL secretary AFTER the conference:

  • certification of acceptance of the paper,
  • student's official statement that he/she presented the paper at the conference,
  • travel tickets, accommodation bill, receipt of payment of the registration fee etc,
  • student's confirmation that he/she gives the coordinator of the program the right to announce the paper or a corresponding link on the MCL web pages.