ICCL hosts JELIA 2023

From International Center for Computational Logic
News of September 13, 2023

ICCL hosts JELIA 2023

After two years, the prestigious European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence (JELIA) is set to return in 2023, and this time, it's taking place September 20-22 at the Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden), Germany.

JELIA is a well-known international conference in the field of artificial intelligence. It focuses on various aspects of logic-based artificial intelligence, including knowledge representation, reasoning, planning, and automated problem-solving.

"We are thrilled to host JELIA 2023 at TU Dresden," remarked Sarah Gaggl, the Conference Chair. "We're excited to bring together experts from across the globe to share their insights, innovations, and breakthroughs."

More details at https://jelia2023.inf.tu-dresden.de.