HSCC 2024 Awards Best Paper to ICCL-Researchers

From International Center for Computational Logic
News of June 6, 2024

HSCC 2024 Awards Best Paper to ICCL-Researchers


The paper "Linear Dynamical Systems with Continuous Weight Functions" by Rajab Aghamov, Christel Baier, Toghrul Karimov, Joel Ouaknine and Jakob Piribauer has received the Best Paper Award at HSCC 2024. The research explores discrete-time linear dynamical systems (LDSs) and introduces methods to compute the mean payoff, total accumulated weight, and discounted accumulated weight of orbits under continuous and polynomial weight functions. Such functions can be used to model quantatative aspects of a system, like its resource consumption. The study also examines stochastic LDSs, LDSs with bounded orbits, and analyzes the satisfaction of energy constraints within weighted orbits.

HSCC 2024 is a premier conference that bridges control theory and computer science, featuring contributions from a wide array of domains including cyber-physical systems, robotics, and systems biology. This event is part of the 17th Cyber Physical Systems and Internet-of-Things Week, co-located with several other prominent conferences.

Congratulations to the authors for their outstanding contribution!