Projects and Theses in Computational Logic

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Projects and Theses in Computational Logic



Examination method

  • Term paper
  • Seminar presentation

At this page you find information regarding different modules in the course of which you can do projects at the chair of Computational Logic. Please contact us if are interested in one of the modules.

The actual project duration depends on the specific module. Most of them should be completed within one semester with the exception of INF-MA-PR which has a duration of two semesters.

Some of the modules (INF-PM-FPA, INF-PM-FPG) provide the opportunity to prepare for your Master or Diploma thesis.

Modules Title Project/Thesis? Colloquium?
Master Programme INF-MA-PR Forschung und Entwicklung in der Informatik yes (2)
Master/Diploma Programmes INF-PM-FPG Profilprojekt Grundlagenforschung Informatik yes
INF-PM-FPA Profilprojekt Anwendungsforschung Informatik yes
Diploma Programme INF-D-950 Großer Beleg yes yes
Master Computational Logic MCL-P Project yes yes