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This attribute stores the English caption text of an image.

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The [ Virtual Fly Brain project] uses description logics of the ℰℒ family to model the brain anatomy of [[wikipedia:Drosophila melanogaster|fruit flies]].  +
RDF (data), OWL (ontology) and SPARQL (query) are the most popular semantic technologies used today  +
Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is a broad area of research that addresses the problem of interpreting and modeling the semantics and pragmatics of natural language, using a diverse set of techniques for this purpose. Since human reasoning is often mediated by natural language, success in this area is key for intelligent systems to successfully support human reasoning. Themes in our range of interest include the representation and reasoning with human-like concepts, with incomplete, uncertain or vague statements and with pragmatic or non-explicit information. The methods we use for investigation are mostly based on (but not restricted to) logical frameworks.  +
The ''Ars Magna'' (ca. 1305) of the Majorcan philosopher [[wikipedia:Ramon Llull|Ramon Llull]] is one of the earliest examples of structured knowledge representation and automated reasoning  +