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This property stores the possible type of teaching session as a string.

Possible values are

  • Vorlesung: lecture
  • Übung: exercise class
  • Seminar: seminar
  • Praktikum: practical
  • Entfällt: no session (use for cancellations and holidays)

To add further values, they need to be entered above. In addition, German and English messages need to be created, e.g., for "Vorlesung" there are MediaWiki:Portal_label_Lehrveranstaltung_Vorlesung and MediaWiki:Portal_label_Lehrveranstaltung_Vorlesung/en. Moreover, the template Vorlage:Vorlesung_Zeiten may need to specify a colour to be used for displaying the event type on course pages.

    "constraints": {
        "type_constraint": "_txt",
        "allowed_values": [