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This property stores the possible type of teaching session as a string.

Possible values are

  • Vorlesung: lecture
  • Übung: exercise class
  • Seminar: seminar
  • Praktikum: practical
  • Entfällt: no session (use for cancellations and holidays)
  • Konsultation: consultation / Q&A session

To add further values, they need to be entered above. In addition, German and English messages need to be created, e.g., for "Vorlesung" there are MediaWiki:Portal_label_Lehrveranstaltung_Vorlesung and MediaWiki:Portal_label_Lehrveranstaltung_Vorlesung/en. Moreover, the template Vorlage:Vorlesung_Zeiten may need to specify a colour to be used for displaying the event type on course pages.

    "constraints": {
        "type_constraint": "_txt",
        "allowed_values": [