Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Seminar

Aus International Center for Computational Logic
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Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Seminar

Lehrveranstaltung mit SWS 0/2/0 (Vorlesung/Übung/Praktikum) in WS 2016


Umfang (SWS)

  • 0/2/0



  • Mündliche Prüfung
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Satisfiability Testing (SAT)

The seminar meetings take place on Mondays, from 16.40 to 18.10 (DS 6) in room E05. The initial meeting will take place on Monday 17.10.

This years seminar is all about recent research related to SAT solving.

The student has to select a topic from the ones listed below. He has to study the respective literature. The students are expected to participate in the seminar, write a short report of the assigned topic, and give a presentation in the end of the summer term. The presentation should have a length of 30 minutes, followed by a 15 minutes discussion.

German students can give the presentation also in German.

For the students who want to participate at the KRR Seminar it is mandatory to attend all talks during the term. The report (five pages) and the slides have to be send one week before the presentation to Peter Steinke.


  • 17.10. initial meeting
  • 24.10. Formalization and Certification of Parallel SAT Solvers by Tobias Philipp
  • 31.10. Reformationstag (official holiday)
  • 7.11. Encoding Pseudo-Boolean Constraints into CNF by Peter Steinke
  • 14.11. Response Patterns in the Wason Selection Task and the Special Case of Uncertainty by Emmanuelle Dietz (joint work with Marco Ragni)
  • 21.11. Boolean Equation Solving Revisited on the Basis of First-Order Logic in Connection with Interpolation and Second-Order Quantifier Elimination by Christoph Wernhard
  • 28.11. Model Counting by Sibylle Möhle
  • 05.12. Artificial intelligence outperforms humans in board games by Anna Tigunova
  • 12.12. Weak Completion Semantics and Abduction by Steffen Hölldobler
  • 19.12. Contextual Abduction by Emmanuelle Dietz
  • 09.01. State of the Art Pseudo Boolean Encodings by Peter Steinke
  • 16.01. A Formal Framework for #SAT by Sibylle Möhle
  • 23.01. Side-effects and Consequences in Contextual Reasoning by Emmanuelle Dietz