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{{Publikation Details |Abstract=In Description Logics the reasoning service most specific concept (msc) constructs a concept description that generalizes an ABox individual into a concept description. For the Description Logic EL the msc may not exist, if computed with respect to general EL-TBoxes or cyclic ABoxes. However, it is still possible to find a concept description that is the msc up to a fixed role-depth, i.e. with respect to a maximal nesting of quantifiers. In this report we present a practical approach for computing the role-depth bounded msc, based on the polynomial-time completion algorithm for EL. We extend these methods to ProbEL-01, which is a probabilistic variant of EL. Together with the companion report LTCS-10-02 this report devises computation methods for the bottom-up construction of knowledge bases for EL and ProbEL-01. |ISBN= |ISSN= |Link= |Download=PenTur-10-03.pdf |Slides= |DOI Name= |Projekt= |Forschungsgruppe=Automatentheorie |BibTex=@techreport{ PenTur-ltcs-10-03,

 address = {Germany},
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