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{{Publikation Details |Abstract=The notion of concept similarity is central to several ontology tasks and can be employed to realize relaxed versions of classical reasoning services. In this paper we investigate the reasoning service of answering instance queries in a relaxed fashion, where the query concept is relaxed by means of a concept similarity measure (CSM). To this end we investigate CSMs that assess the similarity of EL-concepts defined w.r.t. a general EL-TBox. We derive such a family of CSMs from a family of similarity measures for finite interpretations and show in both cases that the resulting measures enjoy a collection of formal properties. These properties allow us to devise an algorithm for computing relaxed instances w.r.t. general EL-TBoxes, where users can specify the `appropriate' notion of similarity by instanciating our CSM appropriately. |ISBN= |ISSN= |Link= |Download=TR-simi.pdf |Slides= |DOI Name= |Projekt= |Forschungsgruppe=Automatentheorie |BibTex=@techreport{ EcTu-TR-13,

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