Dr. Sergei Obiedkov joins Knowledge Based System group

From International Center for Computational Logic
News from the research group Knowledge-Based Systems of June 5, 2023

Dr. Sergei Obiedkov joins Knowledge Based System group

Sergei Obiedkov.jpg
We are pleased to welcome Sergei Obiedkov again at TU Dresden. In June this year, he joined the Knowledge-Based Systems group as a researcher in the ScaDS.AI project.

Sergei Obiedkov has a Diploma in theoretical and applied linguistics and a PhD in theoretical computer science. After completing his PhD, Sergei worked as a postdoctoral researcher at TU Dresden; in Paris, where he held the Diderot fellowship from Maison des Sciences de l'Homme; and at the University of Pretoria. Until recently, he held an Associate Professor of Computer Science position at HSE University in Moscow, where he also served as Academic Director of Doctoral School of Computer Science and Deputy Dean for Research and International Cooperation at the Faculty of Computer Science. He also has industrial experience as a software engineer and data scientist.

Sergei’s research covers topics in data analysis and artificial intelligence, including logical and algorithmic aspects, especially those of Formal Concept Analysis, a knowledge representation and data analysis framework based on lattice theory. He is an author of the book “Conceptual Exploration” written together with Bernhard Ganter, one of the founding fathers of formal concept analysis and emeritus professor at TU Dresden’s Institute of Algebra.

We wish him continued success and look forward to working with him.