Knowledge-Based Systems

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Knowledge-Based Systems

The research group Knowledge-Based Systems is concerned with methods for the intelligent management and processing of information in computer systems. This includes research questions from knowledge representation, reasoning and formal logic, but also covers topics related to databases and distributed systems. Important application areas of this research can be found in the fields of semantic technologies, artificial intelligence, and knowledge management.

The research group is affiliated with the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science.

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Newest Publications

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Daniil Kosakin, Sergei Obiedkov, Ekaterina Rakhilina, Ivan Smirnov, Anastasia Vyrenkova, Ekaterina Zalivina
Russian Learner Corpus: Towards Error-Cause Annotation for L2 Russian
In Nicoletta Calzolari, Min-Yen Kan, Veronique Hoste, Alessandro Lenci, Sakriani Sakti, Nianwen Xue, eds., Proceedings of the 2024 Joint International Conference on Computational Linguistics, Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-COLING 2024), 14240-14258, May 2024. ELRA and ICCL
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Lukas Gerlach, David Carral, Markus Hecher
Finite Groundings for ASP with Functions: A Journey through Consistency (Technical Report)
IJCAI 2024, to appear
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Philipp Hanisch, Markus Krötzsch
Chase Termination Beyond Polynomial Time
Proceedings of the 43rd Symposium on Principles of Database Systems (PODS’24), to appear. ACM
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Sergei Obiedkov, Barış Sertkaya
Computing Stable Extensions of Argumentation Frameworks using Formal Concept Analysis
In Sarah Gaggl, Maria Vanina Martinez, Magdalena Ortiz, eds., Logics in Artificial Intelligence. JELIA 2023, volume 14281 of LNAI, 176-191, September 2023. Springer
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Dörthe Arndt, Stephan Mennicke
Notation3 as an Existential Rule Language
Rules and Reasoning - 7th International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning, RuleML+RR 2023, Proceedings, October 2023. Springer
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Tobias Schüler, Stephan Mennicke, Malte Lochau
Abstract Domains for Database Manipulating Processes
Rules and Reasoning - 7th International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning, RuleML+RR 2023, Proceedings, October 2023. Springer
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Stefan Ellmauthaler, Lukas Gerlach
ADF-BDD.DEV: Insights to undecided Statements in Abstract Dialectical Frameworks
In Gianvincenzo Alfano, Stefano Ferilli, eds., Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Advances in Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence (AI^3 2023) co-located with the 22nd International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AIxIA 2023), Rome, Italy, November 9, 2023, volume 3546 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, December 2023.
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Alex Ivliev, Stefan Ellmauthaler, Lukas Gerlach, Maximilian Marx, Matthias Meißner, Simon Meusel, Markus Krötzsch
Nemo: First Glimpse of a New Rule Engine
In Enrico Pontelli, Stefania Costantini, Carmine Dodaro, Sarah Gaggl, Roberta Calegari, Artur D'Avila Garcez, Francesco Fabiano, Alessandra Mileo, Alessandra Russo, Francesca Toni, eds., Proceedings 39th International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP 2023), volume 385 of EPTCS, 333--335, September 2023
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Lukas Gerlach, David Carral
General Acyclicity and Cyclicity Notions for the Disjunctive Skolem Chase (Extended Abstract)
In Oliver Kutz, Carsten Lutz, Ana Ozaki, eds., Proceedings of the 36th International Workshop on Description Logics (DL 2023) co-located with the 20th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning and the 21st International Workshop on Non-Monotonic Reasoning (KR 2023 and NMR 2023), volume 3515 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, October 2023.
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Lukas Gerlach, David Carral
Do Repeat Yourself: Understanding Sufficient Conditions for Restricted Chase Non-Termination (Technical Report)
In Pierre Marquis,Tran Cao Son,Gabriele Kern-Isberner, eds., Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR 2023), volume 20 of Proceedings of the International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, 301–310, September 2023. International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence Organization
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