Satisfiability Testing -- Recent Developments and Open Problems

Aus International Center for Computational Logic
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Satisfiability Testing -- Recent Developments and Open Problems

Vortrag von Norbert Manthey
With the introduction of clause learning in 1996,

satisfiability testing (SAT) solvers have become effective to replace other state-of-the-art algorithm in applications. Shortly after, efficient data structures and heuristics have been introduced, boosting the performance of these solvers further. Recent developments shift SAT solvers towards anytime algorithms, to attempt to find a good average solving time for a wide range of input problems. Consequently, SAT solvers have become the core tool to solve many industrial applications. However, there are still limitations, and open research questions that would allow to make SAT solving even more effective. This presentation will shed some light on various past and recent developments, as well as point out current known limitations as well as open research questions.

The talk is Hybird, with a 20 person maximum capacity in the seminar room APB 3027

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