Solving Datalog(S) Problems with Lazy-Grounding ASP Solving

Aus International Center for Computational Logic
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Solving Datalog(S) Problems with Lazy-Grounding ASP Solving

Vortrag von Philipp Hanisch
Datalog(S) extends Datalog with support for sets, and it can be captured in a decidable fragment of existential rules. We show that it can also be captured by Answer Set Programming (ASP) with function symbols. The traditional ground-and-solve approach for ASP, however, is insufficient, as it computes the grounding in a first step before solving. Thus, the introduction of function symbols can lead to infinite groundings, even though a finite one would be sufficient, since grounding and solving are separated and the obtained grounding is an over-approximation of the smallest possible one. We therefore propose the use of ASP systems with lazy-grounding, i.e., systems that interleave grounding and solving, to solve Datalog(S) programs as they guarantee termination. We show empirically that the lazy-grounding ASP solver Alpha can solve practical Datalog(S) problems.

Note that this talk acts as a colloquium/examination for the module INF-PM-FPG. It will take place online via BigBlueButton. To access the room, take one of the following links:

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