Using Datalog to Ground ASP Programs

Aus International Center for Computational Logic
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Using Datalog to Ground ASP Programs

Vortrag von Philipp Hanisch
Answer Set Programming (ASP) is a powerful tool in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. The typical approach to find the answer sets of an ASP program is a ground-and-solve approach, where a grounder transforms an input program with variables into a ground program without variables and a solver computes the answer sets of the ground program. To be feasible, this requires an intelligent grounding phase to keep the grounding relatively small.

The relational query language Datalog is related to ASP and has some similarities to it. Even though they arise from the same origin, there might be recent progress in the development of fast Datalog reasoners, which might be beneficial for grounding ASP programs. Thus, we present an approach for an ASP grounder that uses a Datalog reasoner. We then implement this approach by using the Datalog reasoner VLog, and we show that our implementation is competitive with state-of-the-art grounders.

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