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This template is used to format entries in a list of courses. It creates headlines based on terms/years whenever it encounters a change in term/year. This is only useful, obviously, if the data is sorted by term/year in some way.

The template uses a table layout and has to be terminated by after the last item (which cannot know that it will be last, obviously).


{{Course list entry
| 1 = page name of the course
| 2 = course title
| 3 = term (WS or SS)
| 4 = year
| 5 = list of modules (separated by ,)
| 6 = lecturers (separated by ,)
| 7 = SWS for lectures in this course
| 8 = SWS for exercises in this course
| 9 = SWS for practicals in this course
| #userparam= "/en" (English) or empty (German)


Wintersemester 2014


TitelDozentUmfang (SWS)Module
title0Long Cheng2/1/0MOD1
title1Long Cheng2/1/0MOD1,MOD2,MOD3
title2Long Cheng2/1/0MOD1,MOD2,MOD3

Sommersemester 2014


TitelDozentUmfang (SWS)Module
title3Long Cheng2/1/0MOD1,MOD2,MOD3

Summer term 2015


title4Long Cheng2/1/0MOD1,MOD2,MOD3
title5Long Cheng2/1/0MOD1,MOD2,MOD3