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Template for displaying projects. This template is used by Template:Projekt and Template:Projekt/en. Use Formular:Projekt to create new projects.


| L=/en (English) or empty (German)
| Page=name of the page where the data is stored
| Kurzname=short name
| Name=long name
| Beschreibung=description
| Kontaktperson=contact person (can be a list)
| Project Authors=list of authors of the project proposal
| URL=project homepage
| Start=start date
| Ende=end date (if known)
| Finanziert von=funding organisation (can be a list)
| Projektstatus=status (active etc.)
| Logo=Name of logo image file
| Vorgängerprojekt=predecessor project if any (can be a list)
| Person=list of people involved
| Forschungsgruppe=research groups involved
| Video=name of an uploaded video file
| Unterprojekt=list of subprojects

Attention: Partner organisations must be created as partner to appear listed on the page (since the display includes the URL and logo).

Example: DIAMOND

There is still work to do on this page

Display Forschungsgebiet.

See also the list of all pages with todos. This note is only visible to logged in users.