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Template for creating a link to an iCal feed of upcoming ICCL events. It will show the 50 future-most events. We cannot show only "future" events here, since the meaning of "future" changes with time. We can make the template change with time (using a parser function that gets the current time), but if somebody subscribes to the iCalendar feed the query will be fixed and continue to show the events from what has been "future" at the time of subscription.

The following properties are used to create the calendar:


{{Upcoming events feed
| L=/en (English) or empty (German)
| query = additional query conditions (if only some events should be selected), defaults to [[Category:Veranstaltung]]
| label = label to use for the link
| calendartitle = title for this calendar; defaults to "ICCL Events" (possibly translated to German)
| calendardescription = description for this calendar; empty by default

Attention: The site has URL length retrictions. All parameters are included in the calendar URL. Therefore, if you use a very long description or title, the calendar will fail (symptom: empty page, no events retrieved).

Example output:

Veranstaltungskalender abonnieren (iCal)