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The template for creating events. See also Template:DisplayVeranstaltung (layout) and Template:Veranstaltung/en (English page).


|Titel DE=German title (can be omitted if it is the same as the English one)
|Titel EN=English title (can be omitted if it is the same as the German one)
|Vortragender=Name of the presenter (can be any string)
|Start=Start date and time
|Ende=End date and time
|Beschreibung DE=German description
|Beschreibung EN=English description
|Veranstaltungsart=Type of event
|PDF=Name of a PDF file with further information
|URL=URL for further information
|Forschungsgruppe=list of research groups involved
|Event series=Series of events to which the event belongs
|Eingeladen durch=Inviting person
|In News anzeigen=1 to show on main page, or 0 to omit there

Veranstaltung hat folgende ausgehende Attribute:

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