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Article1303 +Kroetzsch TR-WV-04-02.pdf  +
Article1551 +KroetzschVrandecicVoelkelHaller SemanticMediaWiki 2007.pdf  +
Article1983 +DKE-CRH2010.pdf  +
Article3000 +Automatica2012 masopust.pdf  +
Article3001 +A Note on Limited Pushdown Alphabets in Stateless Deterministic Pushdown Automata.pdf  +
Article3002 +A note on controllability of deterministic context-free systems.pdf  +
Article3003 +On restricted context-free grammars.pdf  +
Article3004 +On conditional decomposability.pdf  +
Article3005 +On a structural property in the state complexity of projected regular languages.pdf  +
Article3006 +Coordination control of discrete-event systems revisited.pdf  +
Article3007 +JLC2014 Dvoark Gaggl.pdf  +
Article3008 +CharwatDGWW15.pdf  +
Article3009 +Stefanoni-et-al-OWL-EL-conjunctive-queries-jair-2014.pdf  +
Article3010 +Kroetzsch-Rudolph-Schmitt-Datalog-DL-2015.pdf  +
Article3012 +BoPe-FSS15.pdf  +
Article3014 +GaggMRWW2015.pdf  +
Article3016 +2015-tcc-cheng.pdf  +
Article3017 +Linked open numbers.pdf  +
Article3018 +Encodings.pdf  +
Article3019 +2015-tbd.pdf  +
Article3020 +BMPT-JoDS16.pdf  +
Article3022 +RG2010-JAIR.pdf  +
Article3023 +UserDynamicsThroughLogExploration.pdf  +
Article3024 +KI-2016-ontology-based-query-answering.pdf  +
Article3025 +HOFA 2017.pdf  +
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