Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Seminar

Aus International Center for Computational Logic
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Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Seminar

Lehrveranstaltung mit SWS 0/2/0 (Vorlesung/Übung/Praktikum) in WS 2019


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For the next seminar, on Thursday, 21.11.2019, please bring your notebook and have LaTeX installed!

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Seminar

The seminar will be about the most recent results on the Winograd Schema Challenge. See for more information below.

The requirements for the KRR Seminar are as follows:

  • You need to be at least a minimum of five students that want to participate
  • You attend all talks during the semester
  • You select one of the papers presented below and communicate your choice to Emmanuelle Dietz until 14.11.2019
  • You give a presentation of 30 minutes about the chosen paper in January 2020
  • You send (a preliminary version of) your presentation slides until 16.12.2019 to Emmanuelle Dietz


The seminar meetings will take place on thursdays, 5.DS (14:50 - 16:20, starting on 24.10.2019) in room APB2026.

  • 17.10. initial meeting
  • 24.10. Presentation of the topics
  • 29.10. Graph matching, theory and SAT implementation by Orianne Laura Bargain (this talk will take place on Tuesday, 10:30)
  • 07.11. SCF2 - an Argumentation Semantics for Rational Human Judgments on Argument Acceptability by Marcos Cramer
  • 14.11. Abduction in a neuro-symbolic system by Andrzej Gajda
  • 21.11. How to make a presentation in LaTeX. Template slides in Beamer for presentations are online. You can find them here
  • 28.11. TE-ETH: Lower Bounds for QBFs of Bounded Treewidth by Markus Hecher, joint work with Johannes Fichte and Andreas Pfandler (this talk will take place at 14:50 together with the KBS seminar in APB3027, see also the recent GI newsletter for their guest commentary in German)

Commonsense Reasoning

This seminar will be about commonsense reasoning in AI, and the Winograd Schema Challenge, an alternative to the Turing Test.


  • What is commonsense reasoning?
    • sources
      • wikipedia
      • Davis; Marcus (2015). "Commonsense reasoning". Communications of the ACM. Vol. 58 no. 9. pp. 92–103.
      • McCarthy, J. (1959). "Programs with Common Sense". Proceedings of the Teddington Conference on the Mechanization of Thought Processes (pp. 75--91), London: Her Majesty's Stationary Office.
  • Winograd Schema Challenge (WSC)
    • sources
      • wikipedia
      • Levesque, Davis, and Morgenstern (2012). "The Winograd Schema Challenge". KR
      • Levesque (2013). "On Our Best Behaviour". IJCAI Research Excellence Award Presentation
      • Morgenstern, Davis, and Ortiz (2016). "Planning, Executing, and Evaluating the Winograd Schema Challenge". AI Magazine
  • A critical view on Commonsense Reasoning Tasks
    • possible sources
      • Trichelair, Emami, Trischler, Suleman, Cheung. "How Reasonable are Common-Sense Reasoning Tasks: A Case-Study on the Winograd Schema Challenge and SWAG"