KBS Seminar

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KBS Seminar

In this seminar, we invite speakers to present their research on Knowledge-Based Systems related topics. This includes presentations of published or accepted papers, rehearsals for future talks at conferences, defenses of very good student theses, as well as presentations of ongoing research. Coffee is usually provided. All are welcome.

The seminar is organised by the Knowledge Based Systems group. Please contact Irina Dragoste if you would like to give a talk or invite a speaker.

Schedule and Location

The seminar takes place most Thursdays from 13.00 – 14.30 in room APB 3027. Please see the detailed programme for information on upcoming seminars.

Recent and Upcoming Talks

2019-12-19 Marcos Cramer SCF2 - an Argumentation Semantics for Rational Human Judgments on Argument Acceptability
2019-12-12 Lucía Gómez Álvarez Standpoint logic: a multi-modal logic for reasoning within semantic indeterminacy
2019-12-05 Jerzy Marcinkowski What makes a variant of query determinacy (un)decidable?
2019-11-28 Markus Hecher TE-ETH: Lower Bounds for QBFs of Bounded Treewidth
2019-11-21 Eyal Rozenberg A diamond in the rough: Theorizing column stores
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Information for Students

Students are generally welcome to participate in this research seminar. It is possible to earn credits for modules INF-AQUA and INF-PM-FOR. Students who would like to take advantage of this option should register at the start of the seminar by contacting Markus Krötzsch to discuss the details.


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