Seminar “Selected Topics in Logic and Verification”

Aus International Center for Computational Logic
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Seminar “Selected Topics in Logic and Verification”

Lehrveranstaltung mit SWS 0/2/0 (Vorlesung/Übung/Praktikum) in SS 2018


Umfang (SWS)

  • 0/2/0



  • Hausarbeit
  • Referat

This seminar is mainly intended for students enrolled in the Master or Diplom programs Informatik (computer science).

Registration and Dates

To participate, please register using the form on the course hompage until Sunday, April 15th, 2018.

All registered students will be informed about the first meeting via email.


The seminar addresses students that have profound knowledge in theoretical computer science and logics.

  • For students of the Master or Diplom program Informatik, the material of the course “Formale Systeme” and “Theoretische Informatik und Logik” is required.
  • The seminar is intended for students of the Master program Computational Logic in the second year of their studies that have successfully completed at least one of the following courses: “Model Checking” or “Advanced Logics”.

Course Homepage

Further details can be found here.