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Datum„Datum <span style="font-size:small;">(Date)</span>“ ist ein <a href="/web/Spezial:Datentypen/Date" title="Spezial:Datentypen/Date">Datentyp</a> für Datumswerte. Er wird Attributen mit Hilfe eines von <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="">Semantic MediaWiki</a> bereitgestellten, softwareseitig fest definierten Attributs (Spezialattribut), zugeordnet.TitleSpeaker
9 Dezember 2021 09:45:00Reliance-Based Optimization of Existential Rule ReasoningAlex Ivliev
2 Dezember 2021 11:00:00Capturing Homomorphism-Closed Decidable Queries with Existential RulesMarkus Krötzsch
25 November 2021 11:00:00On Classical Decidable Logics extended with Percentage Quantifiers and ArithmeticsBartosz Bednarczyk
18 November 2021 11:00:00Flexible Dispute Derivations with Forward and Backward Arguments for Assumption-Based ArgumentationMartin Diller
4 November 2021 11:00:00Admissibility in Probabilistic ArgumentationNikolai Käfer
28 Oktober 2021 11:00:00Indexing for Datalog Materialisation with Leapfrog TriejoinPhilipp Hanisch
21 Oktober 2021 11:00:00Ongoing Research in the NAVAS ProjectDominik Rusovac
7 Oktober 2021 13:00:00An overview of Datalog boundednessChristian Lewe
23 September 2021 13:00:00Exploiting Treewidth for Counting in Abstract ArgumentationPiotr Gorczyca
16 September 2021 13:00:00Chase-Based Computation of Cores for Existential RulesLukas Gerlach
9 September 2021 13:00:00Standpoint Logic: Multi-Perspective Knowledge RepresentationLucía Gómez Álvarez
12 August 2021 13:00:00In the Hand of the Beholder: Comparing Interactive Proof VisualizationsAlisa Kovtunova
29 Juli 2021 13:00:00Challenges of Using Leapfrog Triejoin for Datalog ProgramsPhilipp Hanisch
22 Juli 2021 13:00:00Abstract Dialectical Frameworks. An Analysis of their Properties and Role in Knowledge Representation and ReasoningHannes Straß
15 Juli 2021 13:00:00Optimizing the Execution Order of Datalog Rules in VLogAlex Ivliev
8 Juli 2021 13:00:00Fluted Logic with CountingIan Pratt-Hartmann
24 Juni 2021 13:00:00Using Model Theory to Find Decidable and Tractable Description Logics with Concrete DomainsJakub Rydval
17 Juni 2021 13:00:00Finite Model Theory of the Triguarded Fragment and Related LogicsSebastian Rudolph
27 Mai 2021 13:00:00Enterprise Management in the Presence of DataEvellin Cardoso
20 Mai 2021 13:00:00An importance value for temporal logicsSimon Jantsch
6 Mai 2021 13:00:00Exploiting forwardness: Satisfiability and Query-Entailment in Forward Guarded FragmentBartosz Bednarczyk
29 April 2021 14:30:00From Data to Knowledge: Extending Database Techniques for Knowledge GraphsMaribel Acosta
22 April 2021 13:00:00A Semantic Characterization of Belief Base Revision for Arbitrary Monotonic LogicsFaiq Miftakhul Falakh
15 April 2021 13:00:00An Introduction to Proof Theory I: Sequent CalculusTim Lyon
8 April 2021 13:00:00Detecting Non-Existence of Finite Universal Models for Existential RulesLukas Gerlach
1 April 2021 13:00:00Using Datalog to Ground ASP ProgramsPhilipp Hanisch
25 März 2021 13:00:00"Most of" leads to undecidability: Failure of adding frequencies to LTLBartosz Bednarczyk
18 März 2021 13:00:00Evaluating the Generality of Disjunctive Model Faithful Acyclicity on OWL ontologiesLukas Gerlach
4 März 2021 13:00:00Solving Datalog(S) Problems with Lazy-Grounding ASP SolvingPhilipp Hanisch
11 Februar 2021 13:00:00Knowledge Graphs for AI: Wikidata and BeyondMarkus Krötzsch
4 Februar 2021 13:00:00Codifying Logical Fragments in ASP - A General Knowledge Base ApproachDominic Deckert
5 November 2020 13:00:00Positivity-Hardness and Saturation Points in Markov Decision ProcessesJakob Piribauer
29 Oktober 2020 13:00:00Multi-Context Stream ReasoningStefan Ellmauthaler
27 Oktober 2020 11:15:00Forgetting Atoms and ArgumentsMatti Berthold
22 Oktober 2020 13:00:00Inconsistency Values for Logic Programs under Answer Set SemanticsDominik Rusovac
8 Oktober 2020 13:00:00Don’t Repeat Yourself: Termination of the Skolem Chase on Disjunctive Existential RulesLukas Gerlach
10 September 2020 13:00:00Smoke Test Planning using Answer Set ProgrammingValentin Roland