Extracting Logic Programs from Artificial Neural Networks

Aus International Center for Computational Logic
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Extracting Logic Programs from Artificial Neural Networks

Studienarbeit von Jens Lehmann
This document is essentially divided in two parts, where different methods are presented

for extracting knowledge from an aritificial neural network representing an immediate consequence operator.

In the first part we investigate the relationship between neurosymbolic integration (in particular the extraction of a logic program from a neural network) and inductive logic programming from a practical point of view. After a general introduction to the foundations of ILP, the task of extraction of a neural network is reformulated to fit the problem setting of ILP. We then practically test a variety of different programs and evaluate them.

The second part of the document builds up a theoretical foundation for the special case of extracting propositional logic programs. We give algorithms for definite as well as normal propositional logic programs. Several theoretical results are presented, difficulties and possible solutions are observed.