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This template is used to format student theses and thesis topics (=theses that have not been worked on yet). To create these entries Form:Abschlussarbeit should be used. The English template for such theses is Template:Abschlussarbeit/en; both templates use Template:DisplayAbschlussarbeit for display.


| Abschlussarbeitstyp=type of thesis (can be a list)
| Titel DE=German language title (defaults to English title)
| Titel EN=English language title (defaults to German title)
| Vorname=first name of student
| Nachname=last name of student
| Betreuer=supervisor
| Partner=parter organisation (for external projects)
| Abschlussarbeitsstatus=status of the topic/thesis
| Beginn=start date
| Abgabe=end date
| Forschungsgruppe=research group
| Ergebnisse=name of file of the thesis
| Beschreibung DE=German description/abstract
| Beschreibung EN=English description/abstract

The following properties are used: