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Use this template on user pages to create a convenient overview of available actions. For best results, insert the following on your user page:

{{Personal Control Centre}}

Used on a user's page, this will create a personalised view with some specific items.

Add Publications

an article you have published in a journal
a book that you are the author or editor of (for conference proceedings use "Proceedings" below
chapter in a book (but not a regular conference/workshop paper)
research paper that appeared in the proceedings of a conference, workshop, etc.
your own doctoral thesis; if you published your thesis with a publisher (as common in Germany) you can use "Book" instead
proceedings that you have edited (conferences, workshops, etc.)
deliverables from EU projects and other project reports
any project or final thesis that you supervised (see below for how to enter your own theses) Supervised by you
This can be used for anything "miscellaneous" that has no published research paper: invited talks, demos and posters (without paper), own student theses, etc.
technical reports, including arxiv publications
Datasets and software tools can be important research results on their own. All publication input forms allow you to associate such artefacts with a publication. Use this button to add a dataset or tool.

How to publish …

  • Habilitations (post-doctoral thesis): use book
  • Master's or Bachelor's theses: for theses of your students, see "student projects"; for your own theses use "Others" (example: Misc916)
  • Publications that are "to appear": use the type that they have; the input form includes an option "to appear" that you can tick; set the year to the expected year of apperance
  • Talk slides: all publication types allow you to upload talks slides; if you gave a talk without any paper, use "Talk or other"

Activities is anything that you do (professionally) that you would like to be displayed on your personal page. This includes memberships in programme committees and things you organise. Activities are fairly lightweight: they just have a title, a URL to link to, and a time interval during which they are relevant (after the end year of an activity is over, it will automatically vanish from your page).

Add new activity
Add a description for a new lecture or seminar.
Add a description for a new lecture series.
Add a new thesis topic that you are willing to supervise. You can specify what kind of thesis the topic would be suitable for. Please add yourself as a supervisor.
Add a new thesis you supervised. You can also publish a PDF if desired (the author who holds the copyright has to agree with this).

It is possible to add new Research areas to describe your research more accurately. Highly visible


  • Always check with your head of group first. Research topics define what we stand for and are highly visible through the site.
  • Ask yourself if a new research topic is really needed or if you could use one of the existing topics instead. As a guideline, there should be at least three publications on the topic with more to be expected.
  • Always provide an informative description in German and English. Do not create a topic if you do not have time for a proper description now.
  • Use a nice illustrating picture. It can be far-fetched (there is a field to explain it with) but it should be attractive.

Add new research field

News or events are announced on the main page (though for events you can disable this in the form). Check with your head of group before starting to add such contents.

Add a new event, such as a talk at the faculty, a student's defense, or a conference or workshop at TUD.
Add a news item for the main page. This will appear on the main page, so make sure to choose a good title and to give a meaningful description. Highly visible

Please check with your head of group before adding any content from this section.

Add a new research or industry coorperation.
Add a new research project. Normally, this should only be used for research projects in a narrow sense. For software projects, use "Data or tool" under publications.
You can create pages for researchers, student assistants, external doctoral students, and guests. Before uploading somebodies email or picture, be sure to get his or her permission. Only administrator users can create new accounts on this site. When doing this, always use the correct name of the person and add the Personal Control Center to their user pages.
Add a new research group.
Add a page for a room.
Publish a job offer. Please note that job advertisements are governed by university regulations as well as by applicable laws. If you don't know the details, you should not publish anything.
Publish a job offer using the legacy style. Please note that job advertisements are governed by university regulations as well as by applicable laws. If you don't know the details, you should not publish anything.
Personalised TODOs are only displayed when using this template on a user page.