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Thomas Zerjatke, Monika Sturm
Solving a PSPACE-complete problem by gene assembly
Journal of Logic and Computation, 23(4):897-908, 2013
Thomas Hinze, Monika Sturm
Rechnen mit DNA - Eine Einführung in Theorie und Praxis
R. Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag München, 2004
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Thomas Hinze, U. Hatnik, Monika Sturm
An Object Oriented Simulation of Real Occurring Molecular Biological Processes for DNA Computing and Its Experimental Verification
In N. Jonoska and N.C. Seeman, eds., DNA Computing. Proceedings Seventh International Workshop on DNA-Based Computers (DNA7) Tampa, FL, USA, 2001, volume 2340 of Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2002. Springer
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U. Hatnik, Thomas Hinze, Monika Sturm
A Probabilistic Approach to Description of Molecular Biological Processes on DNA and Their Object Oriented Simulation
In V.V. Kluev and N.E. Mastorakis, eds., Proceedings WSES International Conference on Simulation (SIM2001), Malta, 2001
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Monika Sturm, Thomas Hinze
Distributed Splicing of RE with 6 Test Tubes
Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology, 4(1-2):211-234, 2001
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E.P. Stoschek, Monika Sturm, Thomas Hinze
DNA-Computing - ein funktionales Modell im laborpraktischen Experiment
Informatik Forschung und Entwicklung, 16(1):35-52, 2001
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Thomas Hinze, Monika Sturm
Towards an in-vitro Implementation of a Universal Distributed Splicing Model for DNA Computation
In R. Freund, eds., Proceedings Theorietag 2000 (TT2000) Wien, 2000
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E.P. Stoschek, Monika Sturm, T. Hinze
Molekularbiologisches Verfahren zur Lösung von NP-Problemen
Technical Report, 2000
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