Markus Krötzsch Wins 2024 Teaching Award

From International Center for Computational Logic
News of June 13, 2024

Markus Krötzsch Wins 2024 Teaching Award

The Computer Science Student Council at TU Dresden has honored Markus Krötzsch with the 2024 Teaching Award for his exceptional lectures on Formal Systems (Winter Semester 2023/2024) and Theoretical Computer Science and Logic (Summer Semester 2024). This prestigious award is given annually to educators who demonstrate outstanding teaching abilities, dedication to their profession, and a positive impact on their students.

This marks the second time Markus Krötzsch has received the Teaching Award from the Computer Science Student Council. His first recognition came in 2021 when he won the Digital Teaching Award for his lecture on Theoretical Computer Science and Logic.

The award celebrates Markus' commitment to fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment. After more than ten years at TU Dresden's Faculty of Computer Science, Markus has taught a variety of courses, including Theoretical Computer Science and Logic, Formal Systems, Database Theory, Knowledge Graphs, and Complexity Theory. His significant contributions have profoundly impacted both students and colleagues.

"Receiving this Teaching Award for a second time is truly an honor," said Markus. "I am deeply grateful for the support of my colleagues, my research group, and the enthusiasm of my students, who inspire me every day to strive for excellence in education."