ICCL researchers participate in Rewe Challenge 2024!

From International Center for Computational Logic
News of June 12, 2024

ICCL researchers participate in Rewe Challenge 2024!


Two teams of ICCL researchers participated in the annual Rewe Team Challenge, held on June 12th in Dresden. The event, known for its spirited competition and camaraderie, saw teams from various organizations and backgrounds come together for a memorable race.

"Accepting Run", composed by Christian Alrabbaa, Dr.-Ing Stefan Borwardt, Filippo De Bertoli, and Alisa Kovtunova, Ph.D – all from Automata Theory research Group; and "Busy Beavers" composed by Dr. Luisa Herrmann, Lukas Gerlach, Larry Gonzalez (absent), and Alex Ivliev from the Knowledge-Based Systems and Computational Logic Research Groups joined the race and delivered an impressive performance. The teams's dedication and hard work were evident as they navigated the challenging course with determination and enthusiasm.

Rewe Team Challenge is one of the largest corporate runs in Germany in which participants run in teams of four. This join activity not only promotes the health and well-being of each individual, but also helps creating a good atmosphere and a sense of community within the teams across organizations.

TU Dresden, as part of the University Health Management, promoted its employees to participate in this event with discounted prices and a TUD running t-shirt.

We congratulate the teams on their outstanding performance and commitment and wish them continued success!