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Datum„Datum <span style="font-size:small;">(Date)</span>“ ist ein <a href="/web/Spezial:Datentypen/Date" title="Spezial:Datentypen/Date">Datentyp</a> für Datumswerte. Er wird Attributen mit Hilfe eines von <a rel="nofollow" class="external text" href="">Semantic MediaWiki</a> bereitgestellten, softwareseitig fest definierten Attributs (Spezialattribut), zugeordnet.TitleSpeaker
30 Juli 2020 13:00:00Notation3 Logic: From informal to formal semanticsDörthe Arndt
24 Juli 2020 13:00:00On the Complexity of Synthesis of nop-Free Boolean Petri NetsEvgeny Erofeev
9 Juli 2020 13:00:00Imprecise Probabilities in Decision-makingJonas Karge
25 Juni 2020 13:00:00ASNP: a tame fragment of existential second-order logicManuel Bodirsky and Simon Knäuer
11 Juni 2020 13:00:00The Method of Refinement: Deriving Proof-Calculi from Semantics for Multi-Modal LogicsTim Lyon
28 Mai 2020 13:00:00Compositional Matrix-Space Models: Learning Methods and EvaluationShima Asaadi
27 Februar 2020 16:15:00Tracking False Information OnlineIsabelle Augenstein
30 Januar 2020 13:00:00Knowledge Graph Curation and Reasoning using the Example of the Scholarly DomainSahar Vahdati
29 Januar 2020 09:00:00Modeling Computational Properties of Description Logics in ASPMohamed Ibrahim
23 Januar 2020 13:00:00Checking Chase Termination over Ontologies of Existential Rules with EqualityDavid Carral
9 Januar 2020 13:00:00Musings on the Semantics of SPARQLStephan Mennicke
19 Dezember 2019 13:00:00SCF2 - an Argumentation Semantics for Rational Human Judgments on Argument AcceptabilityMarcos Cramer
12 Dezember 2019 13:00:00Standpoint logic: a multi-modal logic for reasoning within semantic indeterminacyLucía Gómez Álvarez
5 Dezember 2019 13:00:00What makes a variant of query determinacy (un)decidable?Jerzy Marcinkowski
28 November 2019 13:00:00TE-ETH: Lower Bounds for QBFs of Bounded TreewidthMarkus Hecher
21 November 2019 13:00:00A diamond in the rough: Theorizing column storesEyal Rozenberg
14 November 2019 13:00:00Can A.I. Provably Explain Itself? A gentle Introduction to Description LogicsAlisa Kovtunova
24 Oktober 2019 13:00:00Interface between Logical Analysis of Data and Formal Concept AnalysisRadek Janoštík
26 September 2019 13:00:00Knowledge Dynamics in Social EnvironmentsMaria Vanina Martinez
12 September 2019 13:00:00A gentle introduction to partition widthThomas Feller
5 September 2019 13:00:00Mixing Description Logics in Privacy-Preserving Ontology PublishingAdrian Nuradiansyah
29 August 2019 13:00:00On the Expressive Power of Description Logics with Cardinality Constraints on Finite and Infinite SetsFilippo De Bortoli
1 August 2019 13:00:00Chasing Sets: How to Use Existential Rules for Expressive ReasoningIrina Dragoste
30 Juli 2019 13:00:00Worst-Case Optimal Querying of Very Expressive Description Logics with Path Expressions and Succinct CountingBartosz Bednarczyk
18 Juli 2019 13:00:00Reasoning about disclosure in data integration in the presence of source constraintsMichaël Thomazo
11 Juli 2019 13:00:00Epistemic Answer Set ProgrammingEzgi Iraz Su
10 Juli 2019 13:30:00Introduction to p-adic numbers and analysisAnton Claußnitzer
13 Juni 2019 13:30:00Chasing Sets: How to Use Existential Rules for Expressive ReasoningIrina Dragoste
13 Juni 2019 13:00:00Discovering Implicational Knowledge in WikidataMaximilian Marx
6 Juni 2019 13:00:00Projection in a Description Logic of Context with ActionsSatyadharma Tirtarasa
28 Mai 2019 13:30:00Explorations into Belief State CompressionAli Elhalawaty
9 Mai 2019 13:00:00Quine's Fluted FragmentIan Pratt-Hartmann
25 April 2019 13:00:00Data Science Use Cases for Lifestyle BankingBoontawee (Meng) Suntisrivaraporn
18 April 2019 13:00:00Closed-World Semantics for Conjunctive Queries with Negation over ELH_bottom OntologiesWalter Forkel
11 April 2019 13:00:00The Power of the Terminating ChaseMarkus Krötzsch
4 April 2019 13:00:00Making sense of conflicting defeasible rules in the controlled natural language ACE: design of a system with support for existential quantification using skolemizationMartin Diller
28 März 2019 13:00:00Temporal Logics with Probabilistic DistributionsAlisa Kovtunova
7 Februar 2019 13:00:00Knowledge Graph EmbeddingMichael Cochez
23 Januar 2019 09:30:00Learning Ontologies with Epistemic Reasoning: The EL CaseAna Ozaki
17 Januar 2019 13:00:00Ontology-Based Query Answering for Probabilistic Temporal DataPatrick Koopmann
10 Januar 2019 13:00:00Privacy-Preserving Ontology Publishing for EL Instance StoresAdrian Nuradiansyah
6 Dezember 2018 13:00:00Embodied Terminology: Language, Knowledge, and CognitionDagmar Gromann
29 November 2018 13:00:00Satisfiability in the Triguarded Fragment of First-Order LogicSebastian Rudolph
15 November 2018 13:00:00Standard and Non-Standard Inferences in the Description Logic FL0 Using Tree AutomataOliver Fernández Gil
8 November 2018 13:00:00From Horn-SRIQ to Datalog: A Data-Independent Transformation that Preserves Assertion EntailmentDavid Carral
1 November 2018 13:00:00Temporal constraint satisfaction problems in least fixed point logicJakub Rydval
25 Oktober 2018 13:00:00Ontological Modelling in WikidataMarkus Krötzsch
18 Oktober 2018 13:30:00Making Repairs in Description Logics More GentleAdrian Nuradiansyah
18 Oktober 2018 13:00:00The Combined Approach to Query Answering in Horn-ALCHOIQDavid Carral
11 Oktober 2018 13:00:00Efficient Model Construction for Horn Logic with VLog: Extended AbstractDavid Carral