Lucía Gómez Álvarez

Aus International Center for Computational Logic
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Dr. Lucía Gómez Álvarez

Wissenschaftliche MitarbeiterinTechnische Universität DresdenInternational Center for Computational Logic Computational Logic

Since April 2020, I am a postdoctoral research assistant at the Computational Logic Group at the Technische Universität Dresden.
My research interests are in the area of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. I am particularly (but not exclusively) interested in the representation of concepts and of semantically variable languages, and I look at theoretical issues (linguistic and philosophical), at representational frameworks (mostly logic-based) and at applications.
Before joining the TU Dresden I was awarded the degree of PhD in Computer Science in March 2020 at the University of Leeds, where I was working under the supervision of Brandon Bennett.

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Nicola Gigante, Lucía Gómez Álvarez, Tim Lyon
Standpoint Linear Temporal Logic
Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, 311-321, 2023. IJCAI Inc
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Florian Emmrich, Lucía Gómez Álvarez, Hannes Straß
Automated Reasoning Support for Standpoint-OWL 2
In Sergio de Cesare, Tiago Prince Sales, eds., Proceedings of th 13th International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS 2023), Ontology Showcase and Demonstrations Track, 2023
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Lucía Gómez Álvarez, Sebastian Rudolph, Hannes Straß
Tractable Diversity: Scalable Multiperspective Ontology Management via Standpoint EL
Proceedings of the 32nd International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI 2023, to appear
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Brandon Bennett, Lucía Gómez Álvarez
Vagueness in Predicates and Objects
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems, FOIS 2023, to appear
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Lucía Gómez Álvarez, Sebastian Rudolph, Hannes Straß
Pushing the Boundaries of Tractable Multiperspective Reasoning: A Deduction Calculus for Standpoint EL+
Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, to appear. IJCAI Inc
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Adam Richard-Bollans, Anthony Cohn, Lucía Gómez Álvarez
Identifying and Modelling Polysemous Senses of Spatial Prepositions in Referring Expressions
Cognitive Systems Research, 77:45-61, 2023
Lucía Gómez Álvarez, Sebastian Rudolph, Hannes Straß
Modelling Multiple Perspectives by Standpoint-Enhanced Description Logics (Extended Abstract)
In Ofer Arieli, Martin Homola, Jean Christoph Jung, Marie-Laure Mugnier, eds., Proceedings of the 35th International Workshop on Description Logics (DL 2022), volume 3263, August 2022. CEUR Workshop Proceedings
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Lucía Gómez Álvarez, Sebastian Rudolph, Hannes Straß
How to Agree to Disagree: Managing Ontological Perspectives using Standpoint Logic
In Ulrike Sattler, Aidan Hogan, Maria Keet, Valentina Presutti, João Paulo A. Almeida, Hideaki Takeda, Pierre Monnin, Giuseppe Pirrò, Claudia d'Amato, eds., Proceedings of the 21st International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 22), volume 13489 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, October 2022. Springer
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Tiago Prince Sales, Maria M. Hedblom, He Tan, Guendalina Righetti, Oliver Kutz, Martin Glauer, Janna Hastings, Till Mossakowski, Fabian Neuhaus, Rafael Peñaloza, Srdjan Vesic, Claudenir Morais Fonseca, Jona Thai, Stefano Borgo, Damion M. Dooley, Rhiannon Cameron, Lauren E. Chan, Duccio Cavalieri, Robert Warren, Hande Küçük-McGinty, Matthew Lange, Fernanda Forea, Francesco Vitali, Bart Gajderowicz, Daniela Rosu, Aldo Gangemi, Robert Porzel, Daniel Beßler, Mihai Pomarlan, Mohammed Diab, Alberto Olivares Alarcos, Lucía Gómez Álvarez
Proceedings of the Joint Ontology Workshops 2022 Episode VIII: The Svear Sommar of Ontology, Jönköping, Sweden.
Volume 3249, 2022. CEUR Workshop Proceedings
Tim Lyon, Lucía Gómez Álvarez
Automating Reasoning with Standpoint Logic via Nested Sequents
In Gabriele Kern-Isberner, Gerhard Lakemeyer, Thomas Meyer, eds., Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on the Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR'22), 2022. IJCAI Organization
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