Best Paper Award at ISWC 2022

From International Center for Computational Logic
News from the research group Knowledge-Based Systems of October 27, 2022

Best Paper Award at ISWC 2022


Larry González, Alex Ivliev, Markus Krötzsch, and Stephan Mennicke have been honored to receive the best paper award at the Research Track of the 21st International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) for their work on Efficient Dependency Analysis for Rule-Based Ontologies. The ISWC is the premier event for the Semantic Web and Knowledge Graph community. This community discusses fundamental research and applications concerning semantics, data, and the Web. 30 out 156 full paper submissions have been selected for publication (19.2% acceptance rate) at the ISWC 2022. Together with two other contributions, the paper by our ICCL colleagues has been nominated as best paper and student best paper, thereby, honoring the work of the author group and, especially, that of the collaborating PhD students.

Efficient Dependency Analysis for Rule-Based Ontologies contributes algorithmic solutions to so-called reliances, a handy method to analyze sets of existential rules for certain dependencies between rules. While such reliances have been exploited mainly in theoretical work, this paper provides efficient realizations for the first time and puts them to the test for several practical applications.

ISWC 2022 has been a fully virtual event with videos of every contribution, pre-recorded and made available. Each accepted paper was presented live during the different Online sessions of the conference. Additionally, two discussion panels as well as the three keynotes have been broadcasted on Youtube. Markus Krötzsch gave a keynote on Data, Ontologies, Rules, and the Return of the Blank Node, encouraging the community to think about sharing rules and not only data.

Congratulations to Larry, Alex, Markus, and Stephan.