Seminar Abstract Argumentation

Aus International Center for Computational Logic
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Seminar Abstract Argumentation

Lehrveranstaltung mit SWS 0/2/0 (Vorlesung/Übung/Praktikum) in WS 2014


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Argumentatin is one of the major fields in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The concept of abstract Argumentation Frameworks (AFs) has been introduced by Phan Minh Dung in 1995. There arguments together with a binary relation called attacks are the only components one needs to represent and reason over conficting knowledge. In this couse the students should get an oververview over the actual research topics in the field of (abstract) argumentation. After an introduction on the basic concepts the student will review recent topics (selected papers from the latest conferences and journals) and present them in a 30 min talk at the end of the semester.

List of possible topics:

  • Instantiations of Argumentation Frameworks,
  • Loops in argumentation frameworks,
  • Evaluation criteria for argumentation semantics,
  • Realizability,
  • Translations,
  • Equivalences in AFs,
  • Argumentation and Answer-Set Programming (ASP),
  • SAT-Procedures for AFs,
  • Argumentation Systems,
  • Practical Applications of Argumentation Theory,
  • Abstract Dialectical Frameworks (ADFs)


After some introductory lectures on the basics of abstract argumentation the students will select their topics. The seminar is scheduled for Friday, 09:20-10:50 (DS 2) in room APB E005.

On Friday 28th November at 15:00 there will be a guest talk by Claudia Schulz (see Explaining_Answer_Sets_using_Argumentation_Theory).

Final Presentations

Friday, 23.01.2015

9:20-10:50 SAT and Loops

  • 9:20 Ebrahim Zidan: Advanced SAT Techniques for Abstract Argumentation
  • 9:50 Yingjian Wang: Reasoning in Argumentation Frameworks Using Quantified Boolean Formulas
  • 10:20 Muhammad Zahid Zia: Incorporating Stage Semantics in the SCC-recursive Schema for Argumentation Semantics


11:10-12:40 Equivalences and ASP

  • 11:10 Lukas Schweizer: Analysing the Equivalence Zoo in Abstract Argumentation
  • 11:40 Luis Palacios: Preferred extensions as stable models
  • 12:10 Matteo Manighetti: Making Use of Advances in Answer-Set Programming for Abstract Argumentation Systems
Saturday, 24.1.2015

9:20-10:50 ADFs, Translations and Realizability

  • 9:20 Petko Rutesic: Probabilistic Abstract Dialectical Frameworks
  • 9:50 Nur Alfi Ekowati: On the Intertranslatability of Argumentation Semantics
  • 10:20 Efstathios Delivorias: Characteristics of Multiple Viewpoints in Abstract Argumentation


11:10-12:40 Splitting and Applications

  • 11:10 Kumar Rajwardhan: Splitting an Argumentation Framework
  • 11:40 Emira Ziberi: An Argumentation-based Approach to Database Repair
  • 12:10 Ricardo Durate: Query Failure Explanation in Inconsistent Knowledge Bases Using Argumentation
Literature is listed in the slides.

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Vorlesung Intro, Abstract AFs DS2, 24. Oktober 2014 in APB E005 Datei
Vorlesung Implementation Methods DS2, 7. November 2014 in APB E005 Datei
Vorlesung ADFs and Topics Selection DS2, 14. November 2014 in APB E005 Datei
Seminar Guest Talk by Claudia Schulz DS5, 28. November 2014 in APB E005
Seminar Student Presentations 1 DS2, 23. Januar 2015 in APB E005
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