Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

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Knowledge Representation and Reasoning

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The Knowledge Representation and Reasoning group has two major parts: human reasoning and solving the satisfiability testing and related decision and discrete optimization problems. In both areas we focus on research, and on the other hand teach with most recent research results.

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Dipl.-Inform. Sibylle Möhle

Newest Publications

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Emmanuelle-Anna Dietz Saldanha, Antonis Kakas
Cognitive Argumentation for Human Syllogistic Reasoning
KI, 33(3):229-242, 2019
Julia Mertesdorf, Emmanuelle-Anna Dietz Saldanha, Steffen Hölldobler, Marco Ragni
A Computational Theory for Model Construction, Variation and Inspection in Human Spatial Reasoning
17th International Conference on Cognitive Modelling Meetings (ICCM), 2019
Emmanuelle-Anna Dietz Saldanha, Robert Schambach
Human Syllogistic Reasoning: Towards Predicting Individuals' Reasoning Behavior based on Cognitive Principles
In Christoph Beierle and Marco Ragni and Stolzenburg and Matthias Thimm, eds., Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Dynamics of Knowledge and Belief and the 7th Workshop & Kognition, volume 2445 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2-13, 2019.
Emmanuelle-Anna Dietz Saldanha, Steffen Hölldobler, Carroline Kencana Ramli, Luis Palacios Medinacelli
A Core Method for the Weak Completion Semantics with Skeptical Abduction
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research Special Track on Deep Learning, Knowledge Representation, and Reasoning, 63:51-86, 2018
Emmanuelle-Anna Dietz Saldanha, Steffen Hölldobler, Sibylle Schwarz, L.Yohanes Stefanus
The Weak Completion Semantics and Equality
In Gilles Barthe and Geoff Sutcliffe and Margus Veanes, eds., 22nd International Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning, volume 57 of EPiC Series in Computing, 326-342, 2018. EasyChair
Emmanuelle-Anna Dietz Saldanha, Steffen Hölldobler, Richard Mörbitz
The Syllogistic Reasoning Task: Reasoning Principles and Heuristic Strategies in Modeling Human Clusters
In Dietmar Seipel and Michael Hanus and Salvador Abreu, eds., Declarative Programming and Knowledge Management, volume 10997 of LNAI, 149-165, 2018. Springer Nature Switzerland AG
Christoph Wernhard
Craig Interpolation and Access Interpolation with Clausal First-Order Tableaux
Technical Report, TU Dresden, volume 18-01, 2018. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Emmanuelle-Anna Dietz Saldanha, Steffen Hölldobler, Tobias Philipp
Contextual abduction and its complexity issues
In Richard Booth, Giovanni Casini, Ivan Varzinczak, eds., Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Defeasible and Ampliative Reasoning (DARe), volume 1872 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 58–70, 2017.
Emmanuelle-Anna Dietz Saldanha
From Logic Programming to Human Reasoning: How to be Artificially Human
Phd thesis, TU Dresden, 2017/06/26
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