Wolpertinger: A Fixed-Domain Reasoner

Aus International Center for Computational Logic
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Sebastian Rudolph, Lukas Schweizer, Satyadharma Tirtarasa
Wolpertinger: A Fixed-Domain Reasoner
In Nadeschda Nikitina, Dezhao Song, eds., ISWC 2017 Posters & Demonstration Track, October 2017
  • KurzfassungAbstract
    We report on Wolpertinger, a OWL DL reasoner that adheres to the recently introduced fixed-domain semantics.

    In an industry collaboration we observed that OWL is used to model constraint-type problems, which does not go well with OWL's standard semantics. In particular, models are expected to be constructed over an explicitly given domain -- part of the input ontology.

    In such a scenario, one typically is then not only interested in whether the given ontology is consistent, but rather requests solutions to the modeled problem. With the fixed-domain semantics, this demand can be elegantly addressed and represents a unique feature of Wolpertinger compared to available OWL reasoners.

    In our demo we intent to show all supported features by means of suitable example ontologies, in particular model enumeration as well as standard reasoning tasks. Wolpertinger is available as stand-alone version with command line interface, as well as Protégé reasoner plugin.
  • Verknüpfte Tools:Related Tools: Wolpertinger
  • Forschungsgruppe:Research Group: Computational LogicComputational Logic
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