Publikationen von Bartosz Bednarczyk

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Publikationen von Bartosz Bednarczyk

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Bartosz Bednarczyk, Stéphane Demri
Why propositional quantification makes modal logics on trees robustly hard ?
LICS 2019, to appear

Bartosz Bednarczyk, Emanuel Kieroński, Piotr Witkowski
On the Complexity of Graded Modal Logics with Converse.
JELIA 2019, May 2019

Bartosz Bednarczyk, Witold Charatonik
Modulo Counting on Words and Trees.
FSTTCS 2017, December 2017

Bartosz Bednarczyk, Emanuel Kieroński, Witold Charatonik
Extending Two-Variable Logic on Trees
CSL 2017, August 2017