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Science of Computational Logic

Lehrveranstaltung mit SWS 2/2/0 (Vorlesung/Übung/Praktikum) in WS 2019


  • Steffen Hölldobler


Umfang (SWS)

  • 2/2/0



  • Mündliche Prüfung

This is the follow-up course to Logic. It starts on Thurday, 5 December 2018. The course will run with 4 hours of lectures and 4 hours of tutorials per week.

We cover the areas of automated deduction and automated deduction systems, knowledge representation and reasoning, logic-based databases, program development, language design, semantics and verification methods, computational logic and machine learning, computational logic and natural language processing.

  • The lecture will be offered as a 4/4/0 lecture starting at the beginning of December (after the logic lecture has ended).
  • Lectures (room APB/E05)
    • Mondays 4.DS (1:00pm) and Thursday 4.DS (1:00pm)
  • Exercises
    • Tuesday 2. DS (9:20am, room APB/2026) and Friday 4. DS (1:00pm, room APB/E05)

Lecture Slides and Script

The lecture slides as well as the script can be found here. The user name is student and the password will be given during the lecture or tutorial.


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