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International Center for Computational Logic

The International Center for Computational Logic (ICCL) is an interdisciplinary center of competence in research and teaching in the field of Computational Logic, with special emphasis on Algebra, Logic, and Formal Methods in Computer Science. It has been founded at TU Dresden in October 2003.

This is the new website of ICCL, first published in October 2014. Some previous content has not been moved yet and can be found under The following research groups are already present here on the new site:

Members and Guests

Portrait Lukas SchweizerPortrait Kati DomannPortrait Manuel BodirskyPortrait Sarah Alice GagglPortrait Thomas FellerPortrait Patrick KoopmannPortrait Marcos CramerPortrait Anni-Yasmin TurhanPortrait Martin DillerPortrait Christian LewePortrait Philipp HanischPortrait David CarralPortrait Tobias PhilippPortrait Ali ElhalawatiPortrait Kerstin AchtruthPortrait Ramona BehlingPortrait Franz BaaderPortrait Sascha KlüppelholzPortrait Maximilian MarxPortrait Stefan BorgwardtPortrait Bartosz BednarczykPortrait Shima AsaadiPortrait Sebastian RudolphPortrait Alexander ShmelkinPortrait Christel BaierPortrait Alexander KrausePortrait Steffen HölldoblerPortrait Faiq Miftakhul FalakhPortrait Markus KrötzschPortrait Satyadharma TirtarasaPortrait Andreas EckePortrait Sylvia WünschPortrait Johannes FichtePortrait Irina DragostePortrait Emmanuelle DietzPortrait Larry GonzálezPortrait Sandy SeifarthPortrait Ilja Shmelkin

People at the International Center for Computational Logic

Newest Publications

Bartosz Bednarczyk, Emanuel Kieroński, Piotr Witkowski
On the Complexity of Graded Modal Logics with Converse.
In Francesco Calimeri, Nicola Leone, Marco Manna, eds., JELIA 2019, Logics in Artificial Intelligence - 16th European Conference, volume 11468 of LNCS, May 2019. Springer

Bartosz Bednarczyk
One-Variable Logic Meets Presburger Arithmetic
Theoretical Computer Science, to appear

Bartosz Bednarczyk, Sebastian Rudolph
Worst-Case Optimal Querying of Very Expressive Description Logics with Path Expressions and Succinct Counting
In Mantas Simkus, Grant E. Weddell, eds., Proceedings of the 32nd International Workshop on Description Logics, volume 2373 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, June 2019.

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