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A Grand Unified Theory of Decidability in Logic-Based Knowledge Representation
  •   Contact Sebastian Rudolph
  •   October 1, 2018 – September 30, 2023
  •   funded by European Research Council

The project deals with the formal foundations of knowledge management as well as their application in today's information society. Among the biggest challenges in this area are the intelligent access to digital information as well as the automated composition of information from diverse sources. For these purposes, logical specifications of background knowledge - so-called ontologies - can be used together with automated reasoning techniques in order to enable a "meaning-aware" handling of data.

Unfortunately, reasoning in ontology languages of high expressivity is impossible to capture algorithmically – they are undecidable. Therefore, the quest for "good" ontology languages consists in identifying logical formalisms which are as expressive as possible, yet still decidable. Hitherto, the obtained results in this area have, however, been patchy and fragmented.

The goal of the DeciGUT project is the creation of a unified theory of decidability, which in turn will enable the definition of new, advanced ontology languages.

The project is of high relevance to diverse scientific fields like mathematical logic, artificial intelligence, and database theory with potentially far-reaching impact in areas such as semantic technologies and information systems.

Proceedings Articles

Markus Krötzsch, Maximilian Marx, Sebastian Rudolph
The Power of the Terminating Chase
In Pablo Barceló, Marco Calautti, eds., Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT 2019), volume 127 of LIPIcs, 3:1--3:17, 2019. Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik
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Sebastian Rudolph, Lukas Schweizer, Zhihao Yao
SPARQL Queries over Ontologies Under the Fixed-Domain Semantics
In Abhaya C. Nayak, Alok Sharma, eds., PRICAI 2019: Trends in Artificial Intelligence - 16th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Cuvu, Yanuca Island, Fiji, August 26-30, 2019, Proceedings, Part I, volume 11670 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 486--499, August 2019. Springer
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Ana Ozaki, Markus Krötzsch, Sebastian Rudolph
Happy Ever After: Temporally Attributed Description Logics
In Magdalena Ortiz, Thomas Schneider, eds., Proceedings of the 31st International Workshop on Description Logics (DL 2018), volume 2211 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2018.
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Sebastian Rudolph, Mantas Simkus
The Triguarded Fragment of First-Order Logic
In Gilles Barthe, Geoff Sutcliffe, Margus Veanes, eds., Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Logic for Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning, volume 57 of EPiC Series in Computing, 604-619, 2018. EasyChair
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